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VIHT10015 Young Phorever

Young Phorever PH Miracle Greens - 90 Capsules

by Young Phorever
  • Food supplement with beta-carotene
  • Young pHorever PH Miracle Greens
  • Are you a regular consumer of the pH Miracle Greens, but so far had problems with the mixing of powder? Or you just want to simplify the daily intake of our green mix? We give you the solution right now: our Greens is now available in capsule form too
  • Expected Despatch By 06/12/2016


Product Description

    • The plants in the capsule contain natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals
    • The easily digestible components can alkalize, energize and nourish the cells of your body, while they can help to balance the pH level of your body as well
    • You shouldn’t give up the consumption of the powder during your holiday just take the capsules containing this special green mix!

      The advantage of the alkaline lifestyle
      If you need more energy, if you are striving for better health, the Young pHorever - pH Miracle Greens capsule shows you the right way to get your body exactly what it needs
    • The inventor of the Green Power
      Young created the first Green Vegetable Powder in the world
    • This ultimate Green Powder is now available in our webshop in capsule form too
    • Everyone knows, that the green plants have beneficial effects to our body
    • The capsule is absolutely vegetarian
    • The mission of his life is to make the power of green plants available to everyone
    • Besides their inherent nutritional value they rich in chlorophyll
    • The main benefit of the green plants is that they are rich in chlorophyll
    • Summary:
      Unique blend of more than 40 kind of vegetables, greens and sprouted grains.
      These greens naturally contain more than 125 organic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavonoids.
      The colloidal particles can help in the absorption process.
      Does not contain algae, fungi, and probiotic bacteria.
      Technological process used in production
      The green mix in the capsule is created by low-heat dehydration, thus preserving, not killing the nutrients of the living food


  • *: beta-carotene, kamut grass, tomato, lemon grass, wheat grass, dandelion leaf, plantain leaf, blueberry leaf, cranberry leaf, marshmallow root, white willow bark, meadowsweet, oat grass, kale leaf, okra, celery root, broccoli sprout, alfalfa leaf, alfalfa sprout, spearmint leaf, sage leaf, rosemary leaf, barley grass, cauliflower sprout, shave grass, daikon sprout, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf, couch grass, slippery elm bark, sunflower sprout, rose hips fruit, soy sprouts, spinach, cabbage, parsley leaf, watercress, peppermint leaf, beet juice, carrot juice, wintergreen leaf, thyme leaf. *: all as powders.
    capsule: HPMC (hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose).


  • Don’t exceed the recommended daily amount! The regular and balanced nutrition can’t be replaced by the intake of food supplements.

Nutrition Information

  • The main components of the Greens capsules
    Ingredient Health claims
    Lemon balm It is scientifically proven to help maintaining positive mood and good cognitive functioning. It can help to support the relaxation, mental and physical well-being and helps to maintain a healthy sleep.
    Rosemary leaf Contains antioxidants, which can protect your cells from oxidative damage.
    Rose hips It is good source of antioxidants, so contribute to the total antioxidant capacity of the body, and may help strengthen our body´s defence. Antioxidants can strengthen the immune system, protect the cells and tissues from oxidative damage, which can cause cell damage.
    Peppermint leaf Soothing for mouth and throat. Reliefs in case of irritation of throat and pharynx.
    Sage Helps to support the digestion, contributes to the normal function of intestinal tract.
    Shave grass It may help to remineralize the body. Has an antioxidant action that helps to neutralize free radicals. Can support for relaxation of the blood vessels.
    Thyme leaf It contributes to wellbeing of chest and throat and also contributes to a fresh breath. Contains naturally occuring antioxidants, which help protect the cells and tissues from oxidation.
    Parsley leaf Supports the excretory function of the body.
    Couch grass Helps to maintain the health of urinary system.
    Alfalfa Maintain the good bladder function and urinary flow.
    Marshmallow Helps to support the digestion, can maintain the intestinal health.
    Meadowsweet Contributes to maintain joint health. Supports joint flexibility.

    Active ingredients in the daily amount (3x2 capsules):
    Amount NRV*
    beta-carotene 1,8 mg -**
    *: NRV: nutrient reference value for adult
    **: no NRV established


  • After the three main meals take 2-2 capsules (6 capsules a day).
    3x2 capsules.
    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Store in a cool, dry place.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.