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Yvette Fielding'S Ghosts


Product Description

  • You are about to embark on the investigation of a lifetime, to go where no other mortal soul has ever dared to tread.

    Yvette Fielding's Ghosts is a game where intrepid investigators search for the answer to the ultimate question -
    Is There Really Life After Death?

    No two investigations are the same! Whether you're an investigator or a ghost, you're in the thick of the action, sharing dark and dangerous corridors, walking through imposing doors, wondering just what - if anything - will be captured tonight!

    Using specialist equipment, the investigators' ultimate goal is to gather documentary evidence of a ghost and to prove its identity
  • In the black of a silent room, the only sound is the pulsating beat of your pounding heart
  • But investigators need to beware, they only have one night and time is running out fast.

    Ghosts must try to avoid capture by using special tactics such as scaring an investigator to another part of the building or possessing them and their equipment! Meanwhile, they walk through walls and play gruesome tricks on anyone who gets too close to the truth.

    Ghosts is not for the faint-hearted, you are about to become one of the Antix crew or something from another plane and now only one question remains - are You Brave Enough To Play?

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12 years - 99 years




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