SIGR10008 Sieger

Zangen-Sieger Can Opener

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Sieger are specialist manufacturers of tin, jar and bottle openers for commercial and household use.
The business was established in Solingen in 1864 with the formation of the August Reutershan Company.
At that time, corkscrews were initially only produced as accessories on pocket-knives but over the years, the assortment of corkscrews has been greatly expanded and extended into the household sector.
The "SIEGER" can opener (Winner in German) was invented and first patented in 1913 and became highly successful after the First World War, making can opening easy for the first time.
The production of the "Eminent" can opener commenced in 1949 to expand the product range. The "Gigant" and "ZANGEN-SIEGER" can openers followed in 1952 and 1961 respectively, along with the wall-mounted can opener "Der große SIEGER" [the big winner] in 1964.
The SIEGER-BOY can opener was introduced very successfully in early 1967 and is still very popular today. In 1969 the multi-functional Sieger Twist screw-top opener was launched, followed in 1975 by the Sieger Clou can opener for use in commercial kitchens.
High quality commercial goods were integrated into the product range later on and the August Reutershan Company was renamed SIEGER GmbH & Co. KG in 1991, to create a link with the world famous "SIEGER" brand name.

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5 out of 5
By hela | Posted on: 21/04/2012

The best can opener ever

This is like it. It might be expensive but it opens like a dream. It's well made and very heavy. It will last a lot longer than one of those cheap £1 openers sold in many a shop.

5 out of 5
By The opener of choice | Posted on: 02/03/2012

Can opener

Best can opener I have used in years, slightly dearer than run of the mill ones, opens cans of salmon easily.


Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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