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Zinsser Gardz® Sealer Primer 1 Litre


Product Description

  • It dries fast, and forms a hard, moisture-proof film that prevents drywall blistering and bubbling
  • It penetrates and seals damaged facing paper, restoring it to a sound surface for repairs, suitable for painting or wallcovering.

    New Drywall / Joint Compound and Spackling: new gypsum drywall, joint compound and spackling are very porous and can make finish coatings appear splotchy and uneven

  • To determine if the wallcovering is a true paper wipe a wet sponge across the surface, if the water is readily absorbed it means there is no vinyl coating
  • Formulated to completely seal in residual adhesive and prevent it from ruining water-based topcoats and texture finishes.

    Texture and Popcorn Finishes: Can be used to seal textured walls and popcorn ceilings before applying water base primer or paint

  • Apply as you would to any other wall surface.

    Pre-Wallcovering Primer: penetrates, seals, sizes and protects drywall facing paper and skim coat, providing a properly sealed surface for new wallcovering

  • At redecorating time, it protects the surface of the drywall when the old wallcovering is stripped off.

    Builder's Flat Paint: penetrates chalky, builder's flat paint and binds it to the wall, providing water-resistant protection from paint, wallcovering and texture finishes.

    Zinsser Gardz® Sealer Primer 1 Litre

    Colour: Clear.
    Size 1 Litre.

  • Zinsser Gardz® Sealer Primer is a clear, water-based, acrylic resin sealer that penetrates deeply into porous surfaces

  • Because it resists moisture, it prevents water-based topcoat paint or texture finishes from softening up calcimine layers underneath.

    Wallpaper Adhesive Residue: water-based coatings or texture finishes will reactivate old wallpaper adhesive, resulting in cracking and peeling

  • It penetrates soft or crumbly texture material and hardens it, creating a durable, water resistant barrier that prevents primer or paint from softening texture material underneath.

    Old Wallpaper: most of the wallpaper installed before the 1960's was true paper, with no vinyl coating

  • First, peel away any loose or frayed edges, or whatever remains should be firmly adhered to the wall
  • It penetrates and uniformly seals, creating a moisture resistant film that protects drywall from blistering, tearing and other damage when redecorating in the future.

    Plaster: freshly applied plaster is extremely porous but also extremely alkaline with a pH of 12.0 or more in many cases

  • Allow new plaster to cure at least 24 hours before applying
  • It penetrates calcimine more effectively than oil-base coatings and has a much lower odour
  • This type of wallcovering can be effectively sealed
  • It binds down chalky surfaces, strengthens soft texture finishes, and seals in residual wallpaper paste.

    Gardz® Sealer Primer can be applied to high-pH surfaces, and is easily cleaned up with soap and water.

    Recommended Uses:

    Damaged Drywall: prevents bubbles that form when damaged drywall is skim coated with spackling or joint compound

  • Before priming old, bare plaster, be sure to determine that the surface is clean, dry and in sound condition, taking care to repair any cracks or holes with spackling paste or joint compound before sealing the surface.

    Calcimine: is a very old form of plaster that is extremely chalky and water-sensitive

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