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Zita West Vitafem - 90 Capsules

  • Vitafem is a premium multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement specially developed to help maximise fertility, redress nutritional imbalances and prepare the body for conception


Product Description

  • The more you are in balance in mind, body and spirit, the greater your chance of conception and the healthier your baby is likely to be.

    In an ideal world this balance happens naturally
  • Many factors influence your chances of conception, including age, general health and stress levels, as well as sperm and egg quality
  • However, inadequate diet, intensive food production and processing and the demands of job, travel and family, can mean that our nutritional needs are not met adequately.

    We recommend that all our clients increase their intake of important nutrients during the pre-conception phase, if only as an insurance policy.


B Vitamins - associated with hormonal health. Easily depleted through stress, alcohol or smoking. Research has shown that giving Vitamin B6 to women who have trouble conceiving can help increase fertility.

Biotin - essential for the healthy division of fetal cells, including those in the central nervous system. The concentration of biotin in breast milk is 15 times higher than in the mother's blood, which suggests that Biotin is very important for a baby's growth and development.

Vitamin C - an important anti-oxidant associated with fertility. Also important for placental development, blood flow and organ development. Helps with absorption of Iron.

Calcium - linked to hormone development.

CoEnzymeQ10 - associated with energy levels in cells and promotes blood flow.

Vitamin E - another important anti-oxidant. Deficiency can cause damage to reproductive tissues.

Folic Acid - known to help prevent spina bifida. Works together with Vitamin B12 to ensure a baby's genetic codes are intact.

Iron - research shows that women suffering from anaemia find it harder to conceive.

Lycopene and Lutein - Bio-flavanoids. Important for cell growth.

Magnesium - a common deficiency due to depletion of store in most soil. Important for egg development and cell division.

Vitamin K - essential for making blood clotting factors in the liver.

Selenium - Anti-oxidant that helps to protect the body from highly reactive chemical fragments called free-radicals. Helps to prevent chromosome damage, which is known to be a cause of birth defects and miscarriages.


Allergen information:

Derived from Corn: Modified corn starch

Derived from Soya: Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate); Soya Oil


Dosage is one capsule three times a day with food. The capsules are vegetarian.

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5 out of 5
By evieg23 | Posted on: 09/10/2014

Great product

the vitamins are great, not sure if they worked but I have noticed improvement in my nails so thats a bonus :)


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