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Zoggs Float Discs

  • These bouyancy adjustable float dics are a great alternative to traditional armbands
  • Zoggs Float Discs
  • Zoggs float discs offer children complete movement & freedom in the water


Product Description

  • Durable and puncture resistant.
    Easy to fit
  • Remove one disc at a time as confidence increases
  • These products help develop swimming ability and young swimmer's water confidence
  • Two discs per arm
  • Removable foam discs help build confidence


Suitable from 2-6 years. Max weight 25kg.


Born in Australia, it’s in our nature to swim. We love the freedom and exhilaration of the water and want to share our passion for swimming around the world!

We believe that experiencing the sheer enjoyment of swimming is one of life’s greatest pleasures, whether you’re a water junkie or just starting out, swimming in your local pool or plunging into the open water – we want you to enjoy and have fun!

Here at Zoggs® we believe we offer a ‘one stop swim shop’ for recreational and fitness swimmers, quite a feat considering that back in 1992 we launched with only 12 pairs of goggles! Eighteen years on we are proud to offer an innovative and quality range of swimming goggles, training aids, kit, swimwear, water confidence and sun protection products.

We are committed to get kids learning to swim and it’s our mission to encourage as many children to swim as possible around the world. We work hard to provide swimming products that not only meet the highest safety and quality standards but that also appeal to and inspire the kids. That is why our design team develops water confidence products and games that look great and educate but also help encourage children to really love the water.

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Age Range

2 years - 6 years




Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016
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