MDSG11925 Cool Mini or Not

Zombicide - Lost Zombivors


Product Description

  • It also includes 6 spawn cards and the rules to spawn zombivors on the board as The Lost.

    The Lost
    Any Zombivor figure that is out of play can be used to represent a Lost
  • All the standard spawning mechanics are used, except that a drawn "Lost" card is not placed in the discard pile, but removed from the game.

    A Lost suffers damage a little differently from normal Zombies
  • This box contains 12 Zombivor versions of the 12 survivors included in the Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue base set
  • So a Damage 2 weapon inflicts 2 Wounds, and so on
  • In that role they are considered Zombies for all game purposes
  • They have a single action per activation and share the same place in the targeting priority list as Survivors (choose your targets among them).

    When a Lost" spawn card is drawn, choose any Zombivor figure to spawn, they all behave the same way
  • These Wounds accumulate until the Lost is eliminated.

    Killing a Lost not only grants you 1 Experience Point, but you also get to loot his corpse and take any weapon you'd like from the Equipment deck!"
  • It requires 5 Wounds to be eliminated, suffering 1 Wound per Damage inflicted

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