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Zoob Tube Sparkle - 20 Piece - Great Gizmos

  • Snap together in 20 different ways
  • Zoob Tube Sparkle - 20 Piece - Great Gizmos.20 zoob pieces in 5 different colours
  • For ages 6+.
  • Comes with instruction manual for 14 creations

Product Description

  • And since ZOOB is based on real-life systems, its built-in educational value encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imaginations.
  • Zoob Tube Sparkle - 20 Piece - Great Gizmos.
    The ZOOBTube Sparkle includes 20 translucent, sparkle ZOOB pieces and an instruction guide with 14 creations (but kids can build lots more), and every ZOOB piece comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • For ages 6+.


Actual Weight: 166g
Age: 6+
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Great Gizmos
Packaging: Box - A4 < 9"
Topic: Games

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