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Zotrim - 180 Tablets

  • Zotrim is helping you to eat less and to snack less


Product Description

  • New herbal slimming product with a big difference specially formulated by doctors, contains Yerba Mate, Guarana, Damiana
  • Helps you to manage your diet your way!
  • With more than 33% the population now overweight, taking the step to control your weight has never been more of a challenge
  • But here at Zotrim we can help you
  • By using our natural herbal supplement, you can give your body the support it needs to make significant changes to your eating habits, whilst experiencing credible weight loss results: Consume less calories – with Zotrim you will feel fuller, faster allowing you to snack less and cut down on your meal portions
  • Use more calories – the use of our 3 natural plant extracts can help you to feel invigorated, re-energised and become more active


Patented Zotrim Ingredients: When it comes to investing in dietary supplements; knowing that you are offering your body a supplement that is made from 100% pure, natural ingredients is always reassuring. With Zotrim you can experience this lasting reassurance. Zotrim dietary supplement is made from a patented blend of 3 natural plant extracts that have been scientifically proven to help reduce your daily food intake; leave you feeling fuller for longer, and that will ultimately leave you feeling invigorated and alive. For centuries Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana have been used by tribes to help stimulate their energy levels, yet at Zotrim we were the first to combine these extracts together to form a unique herbal product that could really help with weight loss.

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